First Pentecostal Holiness Church

Plan for Church Service, 10 May 2020

1. Pastor Warwick or Wesa announces this Plan on One Call on a date. 

2. Items he announces:

a. The anticipation that Governor Cooper’s Remarks on 8 May changes will take place and we can have church.

b. We want everyone to attend. 

c. Seating plan is prepared for the separation of members.

d. Time is 10:00 for Sunday School and 11:00 for worship service. 

e. Announcements of the plan:

(1) This One Call. 

(2). Church Facebook Page.

(3). Church Website.

(4). Back up plan. All members called by telephone. 

(5). Any questions one can call the pastor, the deacons or the Women’s Ministry.   

2.  The church board is looking for innovative ways to bring even more gospel to our congregation bedside the ways above.